Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Fall of My MacBook.

Yup. Stupid me. R.I.P beautiful Aluminum MacBook with Arabic on the keys. In a rush to clear the kitchen table to print more scarves I put my laptop on top of an unsecure pile of things and it tumbled to its death. I'm usually uber-careful with it, so I am labelling this a freak accident. The laptop itself still works, but the glass LCD screen is smashed to bits. Like a windshield of a car after a hitting a big fat moose.

I took it to the closest Mac dealer a two hour drive away. When he opened it, he winced and exclaimed,
The other employees chimed in with,
"Ouch!" "I bet that hurt!" "Oh dear!"

The result after pricing of different options is to go with a new laptop, which is currently in the shop, having all my info from the last laptop moved over. I loved my laptop. I stayed an extra two months in the Emirates to wait for it; so I got it the first week the new model came out. We'd been through so much together. It had accompanied me to every coffeeshop I'd ever spent time in in Istanbul. When I needed to upload something, it was there. It's been my social life, my educator, my entertainment, my connection to the world for the past year and three months. I will miss it. Strangely enough, I feel like I'm cheating on it by getting a new one. Is that weird?

I think it's mostly the pain for having to part with an unneccessary 1200 bucks because of a very stupid silly mistake. Live and learn!

But as my Dad said in the truck on the way up, "A problem you can fix with money is not really a problem." It's not like a member of my family or a friend is in trouble or sick or anything. It's just a machine at the end of the day. Though I have been in a grouchy mood for the past few days over it.

So instead of uploading new pictures, I will be spending time printing and coming up with new designs. Working with my hands instead of my fingers. Maybe it's not so bad to be computer-less for a few days afterall.

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  1. It sucks, but Dad is right, and the best solution isn't to cry over it, just replace it with another one and get on with it, just like you did.

    I once went out and bought the latest cell phone in Taiwan and lost it when it fell out of my bag in a change room and into the next stall. the woman in there grabbed it and bolted. I never got it back, of course.

    So that afternoon I just went and got another exactly like it. It hurt my pocketbook, but the immediate sting of being cell-less went away.