Friday, June 5, 2009

Creative Caravan Travels

This is actually me. Too much light in the desert does odd things to your pictures sometimes, but I like the effect. 

Just a little note to say that the next few weeks will be a a little rocky for the Creative Caravan as the road leads us first to Oman and then to the United Arab Emirates for a five week teaching contract.

 I have packed my paints, brushes and watercolour paper and though I have a few commissions of Turkey I'll be working on, I will also see what the Emirates turns up creatively speaking this time around. Of course I will still post when I have something to offer. I'm already thinking about men drinking tea in the desert with their camels... 

 After the five weeks of teaching are over I'll be back to the Neighbourhood of Sultans, Sultanahmet.

I miss it already and I haven't left!
I'll be in touch! 

XX Melanie