Monday, September 17, 2012

Muslim Rage! A Collection of Photos from the Muslim World

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

~Jawaharal Nehru

Scary Muslim Girl! Not wait-that’s me! In Oman.
So the American Election is coming up and some timely idiot decided to translate a video putting down the Muslim faith and the red necks of the Muslim world are up in arms about it, attacking embassies and all that. I’ve been seeing photos of burning flags and even Obama effigies.  I’d like to ask the Muslim red necks exactly why are they burning effigies of the most Muslim-friendly president to ever sit in the Oval Office, but I’m not sure I’d get a very clear answer out of them. Obviously they haven’t really thought that one through.

Anyway, Newsweek put out some inflammatory photos in an article called “Muslim Rage” and my friend Anne posted a counterpoint article on Facebook, which I found quote enjoyable. (Link at the bottom of the paragraph) So I posted one to my friend Anne, of a Muslim Grannie who was playing the lute in the square yesterday, and made a joke about how raging she is. Since the photo was shared around by a few people, I decided for fun, to post some of my most “raging” Muslim photos here for your fear mongering or enjoyment, whatever you might choose.

As many people know, I now live in Turkey, but have also lived in the UAE and travelled through Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Oman. Muslims are not scary and idiots are idiots all over the world.


Link to article here. 
Me, My Egyptian Friend Sayed and a Japanese Tourist in Dahab Egypt.
Sayed took my sister and I far out to the edge of the Red Sea at night, far from the lights, to see the most amazing light fish. 

Muslim Mom snapping a photo of her children with Filipino Nanny in tow on the floor of the Dubai Mall.  The Mom and Nanny seemed like they were friends and laughed together over the children. 

I’ll rage after I wake up from my Nap. Sanliurfa, Turkey.
Little Muslim Girls in Sanliurfa taking full advantage of their run of the mosque
while the boys studied Koran outside. 

Shoe fixers, Gaziantep. 

Raging baker and furious customer, Mardin, Turkey. 

Muslim Brotherhood. Gaziantep, Turkey.

This little shoe shine boy caught me taking a picture through the window. Was he pointing or flipping the bird? Ahh, pointing, we’d already snapped pics and become old friends by this point. 

Men hanging around the mosque in Diyarakir. Plotting or gossiping, you decide. 

Okay, I have no caption for this one.
Diyarbakir, guys hanging out with their pigeons in the barbershop. (???)

Scary Turkish peach sellers! Hasankeyf, Turkey. 

Okay, not a Scary Muslim at all, But my sister Rene, resting in the river in Hasankeyf on a hot day, with an entire Muslim family who decided to join her. 

This little Kurdish lady is one of the last cave dwellers in Hasankeyf, and invited us up to check out her place. She practically did a summersault when Rene said a few kurdish words she learned off a friend. 

Are you scared? You should be! They are the scary Muslim future. Posers in Gaziantep, Turkey.

This lady was so frightening she invited us into her house, fed us tea and fruits and cookies, invited the neighbours to meet us, showed us all of her photo albums and didn’t let us leave without a fresh peach each. Gaziantep, Turkey. 

Muslim boys resting after the Imam told them to stop playing soccer in the courtyard of the mosque as the ball was bouncing off heritage architecture. 

Friday Prayers in the Grand Bazaar. I love how the ladies on the left couldn’t be bothered to move. Istanbul, Turkey.

If anyone has a right to be scared, it’s this little boy, celebrating his circumcision scheduled to happen the next day. Istanbul, Turkey.

Mehdi, the Iranian I met on the plane who has invited me to come visit him in Tehran anytime.  He told me to take this picture and tell everyone I sat next to Bin Laden on the plane to Istanbul. 

Usually when you see a man on the floor encircled by a bunch of Muslim men, you’d think something bad was going on. But it’s only bad dancing happening here. Istanbul, Turkey. 

Really Frightening. Really. Istanbul, Turkey.

Scary Pakistani, Jordanian and a  Lebanese man In Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Why exactly do they have so much soda and none of it is Coke? Suspicious. 

Doner Kebap served up with a side of sensationalism. Istanbul, Turkey. 

The lute playing Muslim grannie who was the inspiration for this blog post. 

Really, would you trust these guys? Abu Dhabi Bus Station, UAE.