Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Hill with a Bike on it Stands a little Taller: Cycling in the City!

My friend Lorens' awesome bamboo bike! The "fiberglass" joints are made from hemp and soy epoxy.
Apparently you can find online instructions to make your own, but Loren's friend made Loren's.

Now that spring is almost on it's way out and summer is on it's way, I manage to get out on my bike when it's not raining. I love cycling. Not like, I have to wear everything spandex and go shooting through the city cycling, But a nice ride along streets I haven't been on before, maybe just a hair of my usual route lets me explore all sorts of things I'd miss if I were walking or on the bus. 

Take all my yarn bombing spottings. Most of them have been in the company of my bicycle. But I have also found a few other interesting things in the city because of cycling. 

Roundabout Gardens: 
These are community gardens found in the roundabouts in Kitsilano. If I were living in a cramped little apartment in Kits and staying long term, I might take one of these over. How fun! These guys invite you to take what you need, but they never seem to run out of anything.

And now that I ride my bike up the big hill to UBC, I was quite pleased to encounter this other form of nice graffitti- Stenciled right in the bike path lane right at the top of the hill it says, "A hill with a bike on it stands a little taller." The kind of graffiti I can get behind. 

Yay Bikes!