Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Adventures of January 21st.

Today I have been on two adventures.

The first one is that I have been invited to mess around in a glass fusing studio because word gets around that I am creative.

Today I went to a studio owned by a family friend, and got a tour of the projects, the kilns, and the myriad of glass. Larry and I talked about the science of glass that expands and contracts at different temperatures. (A big no-no to fuse them together- they get fractured easily when the glass hits the dishwasher, for instance.)

Tomorrow I will lend my hand to some creative ideas, creative cutting (Thank goodness I have practice in this! The first time I cut glass I was really quite scared!) and hopefully our projects will go into the kiln! Could be a disaster, could be fun who knows? It could be a day trip that turns into a journey! I've always wanted a kiln for clay work. So tomorrow I will play with pretty broken glass and fire, two things I was always told to avoid as a child.

I may have to take up a band aid donation. I'll keep you posted!

The next thing, which for me was quite exciting, was making new Creative Caravan tags. Our scarves have been invited to sell in the Penticton Art Gallery Gift shop so they needed tags, and nothing I've come up with so far in the past few weeks seemed very fitting or interesting.

So today I took a page from Nick Bantock and made these tags. I dug around my mother's old junk and found these tags and the little "posted" stamp. I might add airmail stickers too, if they are free from the post office. (They were free in China! I still find them in the odd place!)

Tell me what you think! There is always room for improvement.

Three hats and a boar.

Three men from exotic places holding stuff.

The man tags standing at attention.

Mish Mash!

Please leave your comments!


  1. I like them, they're kind of unexpected and funky. As for band-aids, you and I should go in on a bulk order!

    Have fun in the glass studio, jealous I can't join you!

  2. LOve these, Mel. I feel they are just right for you. xo