Friday, January 29, 2010

The Creative Caravan has a visit with Craig Henderson of mynaramata!

A big thank you to Craig Henderson who took the time to chat with me about the Creative Caravan's return to the Okanagan and all of the projects currently happening. You can see it here on the mynaramata website:

or in the article below.

Thanks again, Craig!

xx Melanie

29th January 2010
Chasing Geese Captures Naramata MomentNew or Updated

An artist and teacher is staying productive during an extended stay with her parents in Naramata.

In recent years, Melanie Mehrer has lived in the Middle East, Turkey, Shanghai and Taiwan.
But, she has landed in her old hometown and is taking some time to get reacquainted and appreciate Naramata from an artist’s perspective.

Before arriving on her parents’ doorstep in December, Mehrer spent the past year with her sister in Turkey.
Melanie was teaching yoga and painting with a process called gouache, a watercolor-like medium.
Her first Naramata gouache (gwaash) is now complete, and it’s a fun and animated piece called Chasing Geese on Manitou Beach. (see above)

Mehrer hopes to create an entire series of perhaps six, and maybe some cards, before her winter break in Naramata is over.

Melanie attended Naramata Elementary and Penticton Secondary School. She studied art history and linguistics at the University of Victoria. Stays in Taiwan and Shanghai were spent teaching and paying off her student loans, often travelling with her sister Rene. In the United Arab Emirates, Melanie was stuck in an administrative role at a language school, but when Rene called from Istanbul, the two sisters from Naramata reunited.

It was in the Turkish city that Rene and Melanie started to make scarves with a block printing process. “They are a funky fashion accessory with a Middle Eastern touch, and just days after we arrived back in Canada, my mother Heather had a place for us at the Naramata Artisan Craft Faire. We sold 25 scarves that day!”

The scarves continue to be sold through the Penticton Art Gallery, or through a website linked below.
Or, (you didn’t hear it from me, but) next time you are in the Naramata General Store, you might ask Heather at the counter if she can hook you up with one of the uniquely designed scarves.

So, what is next for this prolific artist and artisan?

Melanie is squeezing in an online writing course through UBC during her winter stay in Naramata.

And, she hopes to paint enough local scenes to warrant an art show in the coming months.

Here is a link to her creative news blog, followed by her online store site:

Photos below: in Egypt; and Rene and Melanie hamming it up, preparing and selling kebobs in Istanbul.


  1. It sounds as if we were kebab sellers! No problem I can yell "Kebab!" ten times in a row without taking a breath!

    Congrats! Good to see you are keeping yourself busy, keep it up!

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  3. Well start practicing then! You are in cooking school afterall.... ; )