Thursday, January 7, 2010

The ETSY shop is now open!

My little impromptu photographic studio- only during daylight hours!

Ta Daaaaaa! The Creative Caravan ETSY shop is finally open!

It's been a lot more work than I anticipated, but it's officially up today with my one upload complete. Break out the champagne! It's time this boat left the shore!

I've had to set up pay pal. I've had to figure out all the rules. I've written the shop profile, the shop policies, the write ups of each scarf, (They all have names now by the way, how chic!) I've ripped my parent's house apart using impromptu tools for my photographic studio. I though this would freak my mother out (picture an antique stool balancing on a rickety table for the perfect shot without any shake) but instead my parents have been on board and excited about my new venture. Five acceptable shots of each scarf, forty odd scarves- You get the idea!

I've been to the post office and learned Canada post is a bloody freaking nightmare for all Etsians. (That's what I am now! an Etsian!) I've solved the problem by including the shipping in the cost of the scarf. I've failed at uploading several times because I didn't have a certain piece of information needed and so I had to start all over again. Each time I scoured other people's shops, the ETSY forums, the community at large. And now it's up! And I am officially excited.

If you go to the shop and see I only have one scarf, please check back as I will be uploading the other scarves as I get them ready. I would like to put more body shots in but I need to find the right location and the right partner to take the photos. All of this takes time when you are living in a cedar house with natural wood walls (no light spaces) and stuck in Rural Canada in the dead of winter!

But on the bright side, The shop is open! The shop is finally open!!! Once the scarves are up, I may also upload the paintings. Why not? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here is a quick tour of some of the scarves that will be uploaded in the next few days and their smashing new names. (Check ETSY for the witty descriptions!)

"Ride Like the Wind"

"The Scarf of Living Dangerously"

"Leaf Me to My Dreams"
Each scarf comes with a Turkish Nazar bead for good luck and protection!

"High Five"
The hand of Fatima, or Miriam, or Khamsa, whatever you wish to call it.

"Eiffel in love with you"

Questions and feedback welcomed as always!


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  1. Dang! These are WAY cooler than the ones I bought. (although they were a smash hit in the eyes of each recipient) Please don't make me buy more! I especially love "Eiffel in love". Je l'adore! xo