Sunday, February 7, 2010

Skinny Laminx and Studio Dreams

I'm convinced that we can write and live our own scripts more than most people will acknowledge. I also know the price that must be paid. It's a real struggle to do it. It requires visualization and affirmation. It involves living a life of integrity, starting with making and keeping promises, until the whole human personality the senses, the thinking, the feeling, and the intuition are ultimately integrated and harmonized.

My makeshift studio on a hostel bed somewhere in India.
This is where most of the stuff I've made over the years of vagabond living gets made.

So I've been back in Canada just over two months, working on month number three. With so many different projects on the go, sometimes I feel like I am getting nowhere in anything fast. I've been writing for the UBC writing course I am taking, working on my second Okanagan painting, printing scarves and learning all I can about running the ETSY shop and how to get advertising out there. (I apologize to my friends who may feel I've turned into and annoying encyclopedia-like saleswoman with my scarves. It's work, really!) I've also been playing with glass as you know from my most recent posts.

So I've had a lot of time to think about the shape I'd like my life to take. Yes, it's time to start making decisions about what kind of job I'd like to do. Something I could do for ages and be happy doing. And I would like nothing more than to be SkinnyLaminx.

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Who is Skinny Laminx? Well, aside from creating fantastic I-wish-I-did-it silkscreened stuff, she is a woman who shares a studio with a group of like minded individuals. (From what I can see on her blog) I imagine Skinny Laminx gets up in the morning, puts on her clothes, grabs a quick breakfast and a sandwich, pets the cat and feeds her too, and heads out to the studio. In my mind, Skinny Laminx rides a funky old retro bicycle which she found for five bucks at a garage sale but is so cool everybody drools over it as she rides by. (She's also wearing a Creative Caravan scarf and looks flipping fantastic in it! Little bit of cheap advertising there for ya. ; P )

Then she walks up to the big bright communal studio where she has a quick look at what everyone else is doing before she gets to work. Everyone likes the same music, listens to the radio on occasion, drinks the golden bean and helps each other when a hand is needed, or a second opinion, or new ideas etc. and everyone is funny and is a fantastic conversationalist. And then Skinny Laminx makes beautiful things. So beautiful that her eyes sparkles when she looks at the finished product and knows it's good. So good, the stuff sells itself. Did I mention tiny butterflies follow Skinny Laminx wherever she goes? Precious little butterflies.

You'd think I'd be jealous of Skinny Laminx, but I'm not. I love that she exists, somewhere in South Africa, living out her dream of doing what she loves. She's a normal person who turns simple ideas into magic. Skinny Laminx, to me, is pure inspiration. (Of course, Skinny Laminx might read this and go, "This is not my life! This is not my life at all! Who is this Creative Caravan woman?!??" But it's the dream, Skinny Laminx! The dream! ; ) )

By the way, I have sent Skinny Laminx Fanmail. And unlike untouchable rockstars, Skinny Laminx wrote back and said thanks and even signed her real name. So humble! See why we should get more into the arts and crafts side of the arts? People are approachable and friendly! Heather, AKA Skinny, if you ever come to Vancouver, or I come to Cape Town, I will buy you a coffee, that's a promise.

The dedicated glass space of Larry's I work in. I love having the glass right there, the tools right there, and the right tools for each little job that needs to be done. What a blessing!

I realise that when I head over to Larry's studio, I am so happy to be working in a space that has been created for the sole purpose of creating. I haven't decided if glass is for me. It looks like an expensive hobby to get into, but I have enjoyed messing about in the glass studio. A kiln would not be wasted on me, however, as I also love clay work and of course I love painting and printmaking and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I've even sewn blankets. I've always wanted to carve something out of soapstone too. I took a jewelry course in Bali and made a ring once too. It wasn't too bad for a first try. I know it's in a box here somewhere.

My little piece of heaven would be a studio, but I'd like to be in a communal one, because I think spending all your time alone day after day could be a little lonely. A studio with communal equipment, good people, and so many creative and mind-blowing ideas floating around that what I couldn't create in some sort of art piece I could write about it. The two can go hand in hand. Skinny Laminx does it, why can't I? (Yes, she's been at this longer than me, but Skinny Laminx had to begin something at one time too, didn't she?)

The shiny digital kilns that do the melting. Big shiny machines. (Drool.)
So I took pictures of Larry's studio, you know, for the future dream and visualization of having my own space to work in sometime in the near future. (Inshallah!)

And of course the latest glass project- this one fits into a mould.
A shout out to my gal who likes blue!

And these little guys are an experiment of what happens when you layer glass side by side. They were difficult to cut! A few minor slices but nothing lasting. I don't think I'll make too many like this. They are coaster size, but also fit into moulds. I think they might be ready soon!

XX Melanie

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