Monday, February 8, 2010

Shades of Blue: The (Almost) Final Product!

The 'julienned' blue glass strips. Not at all even along the bottom, not exactly flush with the glass. I left the studio thinking these would be horrible but worth the experiment to see what the kiln would do to them.

These simple little coasters turned out really well. So well, they are finished! I just need some protective knobs on the bottom so tables don't get scratched. I love that they are completely smooth. It's got my mind churning for the next bigger projects!

Turned out pretty well for a first try! Completely smooth on all six sides!

I admit I kinda took the weekend off.I was feeling a little burnt out, a little under the weather. I visited with people, watched a movie with my mother, and went for a long walk with mom and Zoe where I collected every beautiful weed along the road I could find. I will sit down and draw them one of these nights. I'm a little fascinated with weeds in design at the moment.

Anyway, the one thing I did do was pick up the blue glass I put together. The blue one I made was packed more tightly than the red and it still worked out.I was worried it would all somehow run into one big blob of blue but it didn't. It's going to be slumped, I hope, though I admit I didn't take into consideration the crease where the side of the plate meets the bottom of the plate, but it's at such an incline I am not sure it will matter. Fingers crossed!

Before. (The grid this is all sitting on is made specifically for working with glass, the little shards fall into the grid so you don't get the shards in your fingers like you do if your, I don't know, working in the corner of the bedroom floor in the Emirates!

Now, but not finished! It's now waiting to be slumped.

The smoothness of the coasters has got me thinking about the plates now. If I can put a strip of clear glass between the blocks on these plates, the result would be a lot less bumpy. It will be a lot more work of julienning glass, but I think it might be the next glass project. This weekend I will be heading down to Vancouver to hang out with my sister who happens to live within walking distance of a glass store (important because there are none around here.)

My wheels are already turning! I might be on to something totally new!



  1. Woo hoo! See you this weekend!

  2. Hello friend! :) I came to see what you have going on lately. The new coasters look great! :)

    Sorry to slow to follow your blog after you followed me. :) Thanks for the follow! You're my only follower right now! LOL Anyhoo, it took a while for me to figure out how to work the now I'm following you. Better late than never huh?

    Love the look of your makeshift shop in the photo below! That's about how my "shop" looks! LOL I long for a place that I can actually work. But that would require my hobby to actually take off and produce income! LOL

    Hope you're doing great! :)