Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scarves for Korakor

In French 'corps à corps literally means 'body to body.' Its art lies in human experiences along the road. It is spreading the love with simple things, images and poetry.
~from the Korakor Website.

Creative Caravan and Korakor cross paths yet again. This time in Cyberspace!

Welcome to Korakor!
One great thing about working for yourself is that you get to make all of the executive decisions about what you do, where you do it and who you support to help them achieve their goals as well. Making and selling my art and products is more than just putting food on the table, it's also about being able to support the causes that I feel connected to and want to support in creative ways.

Korakor is everywhere!
I read somewhere recently that a goal is just a dream with an end and a beginning. And when I think about people with passion to achieve their goals, Keveen Gabet is standing strong, on top of that list. In fact, he's got a Korakor flag, planted firmly in the tierra. But what's great about Keveen is that he's standing up there with a thousand or so of his loyal Korakor followers.

This is the man to watch. The one on the right, that is.

I met Keveen when I was working in Abu Dhabi. I met him again when he was working in Al Ain a year later, both of us criss-crossing on cross cultural/cross country journeys. Between teaching classes Keveen was busy translating poems and writings from French to English and back again. He was editing movies, keeping up correspondence, and thinking up new ways he could spread Love around the world. Yup, Spread Love. With capital letters.

Spread your Love!
He looks and sounds like a hippie, Keveen himself would never deny that. But ten minutes with the guy and you'll see he's got a serious, powerful message underneath it all. "I may look crazy, I'm no dummy," He once told me, and he isn't a dummy. He's actually a pretty amazing, creatively-driven philanthropist. He once told me about travelling through India on a bicycle and eighty euros. He lasted six months. That should tell you something about the power of Keveen and Korakor, spreading the message of love.

Just check out his website. and you will see what I am talking about.
That's me modelling the special edition Korakor Scarf.
One of Keveen's latest projects is in Oaxaca Mexico, where Keveen threw out a call for donations to help him start an English school there for kids. Twenty bucks a kid would get him started. Rene and I decided our contribution to Keveen would be some sky blue (fitting for Korakor) special edition scarves with Keveen's message and logo on them. Providing Korakor with special edition block-printed scarves should be able to support many more kids than if we were to hand over cash at this time. If Keveen can sell them, that is!

Keveen's special edition scarf advert!

If you are interested in getting a scarf and supporting Keveen's cause, (All proceeds go to Keveen's projects) Please contact him directly at

Keveen in a classroom somewhere on this planet.
What I admire about Keveen is his boldness to go after his dream. You think it's a good idea? Do it. It's good for other people? Do it. You want to learn about this or that? Do it. You want to travel across the world on a bicycle spreading your message that this world is a fantastic place and can teach us everything we need to know and then some? Go for it.

Keveen spreading the stories, the songs, the images and the message of love.

Thank you for the inspiration, Keveen!


Keveen's boutique where you can find our Special Edition Korakor scarves and more.


  1. Hi Melanie, I'm LiLo the one who brought Keveen to north Mexico (pics on those classrooms) is me the one with the black t-shirt, and some of those guys are my students! so happy to see you post our activities to
    Spread Love! hihihi...
    Thanks for your Love, really liked your blog...
    Can I post a link to it in my own blog??? (my own poetry in spanish)
    Hope to hear from you...Also in Facebook...
    thanks a lot!

  2. Absolutely, Lily!!! Thanks for the interest!