Friday, February 5, 2010

Heart of Glass: The Final Product!

Yesterday Morning, we had this:

This morning, we had this!

Or this, if you put it on Mom's counter.

Boy am I ever glad I spaced it out! Am I happy this time around? Yes, I am happy this time around. except for one thing: and mark this down as a learning experience: I had envisioned a nice, slightly slumped sushi pate in my head, Just a gentle curve on two sides, perhaps some little feet on the bottom to keep it off the table. But my little glass sushi plate will have to remain flat. Maybe just for the time being? Maybe forever. Why?

I forgot to check the moulds.

There is no mould in Larry's studio this size! Damn.

Oh Well! Live and learn for next time!

XX Melanie


  1. Feet are still doable aren't they? Again, I love it. Even more than the other one.

    Your Friday unveiling is much cooler than mine.

  2. Feet are doable! I'm thinkng I might do some smaller square plates next. This time, I'll check the mould!