Sunday, May 2, 2010

Make It! Vancouver Show!

Make it! Is like a Mullet, Craft fair in the front,
Party in the back!

Okay, you have to give them credit for a creative slogan.

The Booth! We think it might be the second tallest there. Today, we are going to Pull a Taipei 101 and unveil some little bamboo sticks on the top to make ours the tallest!

Rene and I are heading down to the Croatian Cultural Centre for our second (and last day) of Make it! Vancouver's Handmade Revolution. If you have the chance to stop by, Please do! It's a great show, (juried, so it's not your grannie's craft fair!) and Rene might even buy you some handmade nipple covers from the lady across the way. I'm partial to the daisies, myself. Okay, that was a joke, but seriously, you can visit us, and you can buy your own nipple pasties there if that's your thing!

The bamboo fence! How much do we love this?

The organizers, Jenna and Chandler, have been super awesome. The advertising has been super amazing. Our scarves were even on Vancouver local TV a week back. Our set up was seamless and organized. Professional crafters, professional organizers, and us in the middle, constructing our booth for the very first time.

The scarves on the table, waiting to be mussed!

One valuable lesson we both learned: When trying to construct anything, see if Chinatown has it first. We spent an afternoon trudging down train tracks in the Vancouver East Side trying to get to a Home Depot we could see on the other side of a long chained fence. I don't really like giant box stores. The selection makes me nervous. We were exhausted by the end of the day, having visited various parts of the store and had worked out a plan of weaving bamboo into a giant lattice which we would used as a backdrop and hang the scarves. But then, we went to Chinatown!

More scarves!

We were looking for a basket, but when we saw that magical piece of bamboo 'fencing', bolted at the junctions and folding up like an accordion, we knew God was looking out for our craft booth! 24.99 and a basket later were were good to go. Thank Goodness we bought it. We can tell you now our display couldn't have worked without it. Did I mention neither of us have a car? That's right. We managed to get it all into a taxi yesterday. Lucky for us the Taxi driver seemed more amused than annoyed!

Gypsy Jewelry. Rene and I hung over a big box of bits of metal for hours to construct these babies behind the Grand Bazaar. Upcycled jewelry, made from the belts of belly dancing gypsies. I'm not kidding!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Vancouver; today is cold and cloudy, possibly rainy. We are hoping this means more people will be in the craft faire Mode today.

The forms I drew out and my Dad spent an afternoon cutting and sanding down all the edges. Thank you Dad! These are fantastic! I'd like to find an oval mirror to put in the faces so people can see what the scarves look like on.

Day Two! Hopefully we will see you down there!


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