Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Gifts in the Garden" Shop is Now Open!

Our backyard experiment is now open for business!!

Once you get past the cute little dog (who also doubles nicely as a customer alert button...)

You are invited to walk across the front lawn and follow the red arrows into the backyard.
Our house is well known in the village because we have a tree growing through the roof.

Follow the arrows past the pond.....

Ta Daaa! Here we are! The Backyard Garden Gift Shop!

My Mother's Christmas Stockings. As of today, there are only 220 days, or seven months and six days left till Christmas.

You better hurry!

My Dad's serving board and spoons made from reclaimed Okanagan Forest fire wood. He's gone fishing today so not much wood work is happening while the sun is shining!

My glass pieces- silkcreened, cut and assembled, and fired twice in a glass kiln.

Upcycled Kuchi Jewelry pieces. (We call it Gypsy Jewelry!)

Rene and I found a place behind the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul that sold these bits and pieces by the pound. We went down with our pliers and spent a few hours digging through little bits of metal to create these. Made from the discarded belts of Nomadic Belly Dancers!

And last but not least, our scarves!

The shop will be open whenever we are home and the sign is out. Today is the first day we are open and we've so far had nine people come through. So far no buyers but it certainly has been social! I see more coming. Got to go!

See you in the backyard!


  1. i've never posted a comment here before but i always read your blog and your sister's blog and i love them! this is so cool - everything you gals do is cool :-) i've even been collecting scraps for your collage idea. anyway, best of luck! starfish from TSP

  2. Thanks, Starfish! We had ten people yesterday. Mostly older people coming to see the backyard and se what we had, but they said they'd spread the word that we are here! It's looking like a bright sunny day here today, and this weekend is a long weekend so who knows? Thanks for the comment! We miss Turkey a lot. ; )