Sunday, May 23, 2010

Istanbul Eats and My Naramata!

Thanks to all of you who voted for me in the Istanbul Eats Photo Contest. As many of you know I love taking photographs but I've never really done anything with them in terms of entering them in contests or going about getting them published. But I am hoping that will change in the future!

So thanks to you for voting, and thanks to Istanbul Eats for holding a contest, and thanks to MyNaramata for again boosting my confidence with a mention on the website!

Thanks again!

23rd May 2010
Photo Prize for Melanie Mehrer New or Updated
A Naramata-based artist and photographer has won a prestigious people’s choice award.

Melanie Mehrer entered the Istanbul Eats Photo contest with a shot of Shanghai noodle makers she took while living and travelling in China.

Istanbul Eats is a website that promotes dining in the Turkish city, a city Mehrer lived in up until recently. Mehrer’s photo of noodlemakers in Shanghai won in the international photo category.

Some background on the photograph:

Mehrer participated in New Year's eve festivities in Shanghai's oldest temple in 2007, and she took the photo on the way out of the temple that night. "Outside the gates was a huge foodie night market selling auspicious things Chinese people ought to eat to ensure good luck, health, wealth, happiness and long life. These noodle soup makers were making extremely long noodles, the culinary symbol for long life. The noodles must be sucked up one at a time and eaten, not bitten, Otherwise long life might be cut short!"

In recent years, Melanie Mehrer has lived in the Middle East, Turkey, Shanghai and Taiwan.
Since December, she has been in Naramata off and on taking some time to get reacquainted and appreciate her old hometown from an artist’s perspective.

Photo below: Sisters Rene and Melanie preparing and selling kebobs in Istanbul.

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