Thursday, May 6, 2010

Istanbul Eats! Photo Contest!

As some of you may know, I've been named as a weekly winner in the Istanbul Eats International Photo Competition, and now it's time for the public to vote! I am up against some stiff competition, but would love to win this photo contest! Voting is limited once per email address not per person. Please spread the word! Get your office to vote! Your mother! Your kids! Your limitless amount of friends! ; ) (Shameless promotion is now finished!)
From Istanbul Eats:

With the submission period now over, it’s time to choose the winners of our 2nd photo competition, which focused on portraits and images of people working in the food business. The Istanbul Eats editorial team is going to choose winners from among the finalists in both the Turkey and international images groups, but we also want to give our readers a chance to vote for their favorite photos.

To do that, we’ve set up two Flickr photostreams where you can see the finalists:

International Portraits-------This one!!!!!!!!

Turkey Portraits - if you are interested!

After you’ve taken a look at the photos, decide which one you like best from each group and send your vote to
istanbuleats3 [!at] (please only vote once). Voting will be open for one week, so you have until Tuesday, May 18 to vote.We will announce the winners soon after.

My Photo: Click here to see it at Istanbul Eats!

This was taken in Shanghai a few years back. It was December 31st, and all of my friends were busy paying ridiculous prices to get into Expat bars they had been to every week of the year. I asked if anyone would like to go to Longua Temple with me to ring in New Year's Chinese style, but no one would come. So I got on my trusty bicycle and headed down myself.

This photo was one of the photos I took on the way out of the temple that night. No meat was sold inside the temple, but outside was a huge foodie night market free-for-all selling auspicious things Chinese people ought to eat for things like good luck, health and wealth and long life. These noodle soup makers were very good at making extremely long noodles, a symbol of long life. My Chinese friend Shirley told me they should be sucked up one at a time and eaten, not bitten, Otherwise your long life might be cut short!

For a complete view of the Chinese blog I wrote, you can go to this link at Commontales.

Thanks again, Istanbul eats!

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