Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Explorations in Vancouver!

~F. Scott FitzGerald

Are you done with this scarf business? Can you take me for a bloody walk now?

It was time for a break. The dogs were getting too demanding. So when UBC said I could come down to Vancouver and talk to a career advisor in Education on April 13th, I took it. So Here I am in Vancouver! I didn't bring any paints. I didn't bring anything to make scarves either. I did bring my camera and a laptop though. I need a break from all this creative stuff for a bit.

Yes, I took a Greyhound. And a good book too.

Here are some images I took out of the bus window for the mountain pass between the Okanagan and Vancouver.

You folks from Canada will think this is boring stuff, but not everyone who reads this blog is from Canada!

Canadian Highway.

So I did head up to UBC yesterday to discuss the possibility of becoming an art teacher, and it all sounded rather positive. There is still an official deconstruction of my transcripts coming, but of all goes well, this might be a pretty good option for me. Please keep your fingers crossed! I'll find out for sure in six to eight weeks. God Bless Administration and all the paper work they have to do.

Artist, Rockstar or Teacher?

Why do teachers always look like overweight haggy spinsters? But then again, I do have a cardigan I always wear when I teach...

More from Vancouver later... But I'm off for a chat and a nice glass of cider!


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  1. Cider. Bloody hell, I'm jealous. Jonny x