Monday, August 23, 2010

From Istanbul to Naramata, Solo Exhibition of Paintings at the Village Grounds!

Istanbul to Naramata:
Solo Show ending soon at the Naramata Village Grounds
340 Robinson Avenue, Naramata - (250) 496-4334

Just a reminder that the Village Grounds Solo Exhibit of
my paintings is still up at the Village Grounds.
A big thank you to Ava and Mandy for allowing me
to drill holes in their wall space!
Such sweet and gracious hosts!

When you come down Robinson Ave (otherwise known as Main Street) Look for this sign!

The Village Grounds and their loads of ornamental grass out front.

Some of the paintings hanging directly across from the coffee bar.

Three of the Canadian paintings and two of the Istanbul paintings.

And... the paintings from Turkey!

A few of the original paintings are sold but I still have prints available, in limited edition prints (run of 25 signed copies only.)

When you come to the coffee shop give me a ring and I'll pop over! Any excuse for a good cup of coffee!


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