Friday, August 6, 2010

Bears Inspire Artist- Craig Henderson's Article!

Another Mention in MyNaramata!
Exhibition at the Village grounds still continues into August.

25th June 2010
Bears Inspire Artist

Local artist Melanie Mehrer has an exhibit of her work in the Village Grounds Coffeeshop until August. The image above is from one her latest works and is inspired by the proliferation of bears in the village.

(The full size image below has a few local connections: Larry Porteous’ scooter is featured, and the left side dog is Nugget, a yellow lab from Gulch Road.)

There are also many scenes from Turkey, where Mehrer has spent much time in recent years. Her art is playful, whimsical and refreshing.

Mehrer's art is for sale, and prices are indicated.

Here is a previous article on Melanie’s art, followed by a link to her site:

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