Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creative Caravan's Custom Orders and Latest Glass Projects!

My new Custom Order template for Etsy! I love these graphics. Can't get enough!

So I just had my first custom order from the Etsy Shop. A very sweet woman from the States wrote and asked if she could have the henna design on the cobalt blue scarf. I even asked her what colour of ink she wanted. I sent her a picture of the resulting scarf, she okayed it, and this morning I sent it off in the mail. Easy!

Zoe waiting patiently for me to finish mailing the package so we could go for a walk on this beautiful day! You got to love small towns. You can do stuff like leave your dog on the post office counter while you get your money out.

I'm really happy to have had the interaction. One thing I really loved about doing the markets is that I made lots of friends through the markets- I even found a boyfriend through a custom order once! He was getting a book made for a girl he liked. She didn't like him back. He ended up keeping the book and dating me instead! But on Etsy that is one thing I miss- I'm happy to mail scarves out to people who want them, but I have no idea who they are going to. It's a little less satisfying to send a package off in the mail and pray the recipient gets it. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying I miss the human interaction of this business. So this order was absolute fun for me and left us both happy and satisfied in the end! Don't be afraid to convo me if you are thinking about something special!

Block printing the Funky Bud!

Anyway, Just a reminder to those who might be interested in a new scarf, it's easy to order a custom made scarf. Just click the link below and you'll be taken directly to the Etsy shop.

Latest Glass Projects!

Brown, cream and blue grey striped serving plate
This one would be perfect for a baguette. I'm really curious to see how it will turn out- the stripe should morph a little in the slumping process. I made two of these, but I will have to wait a while before I see one- The mould is too long to be put in the small kiln, so we have to make enough stuff to fill the big one for a slump firing!!

Glass Scooter coasters, set of four each.
Again, I am a little disaapinted with this experiment. I bought black frit powder, block printed the glass with glass tac, and poured the powder over the images, and neatened them up with a dry paint brush. Not bad except the image was supposed to be black after firing. Oh well, I guess dotty grey is still okay.

Small Glass Plates.
These are bigger than coasters, but still small. They are waiting for the next slumping. At first I had the middle squares lined up, but then Mitch told me it wouldn't be me if they weren't skewed, and he was right. I left a clear line around the image, I hope you can see that in these photos.

Mitch's Coasters!

I thought I might have been an influence on Mitch, having just made some more stripy works, But alas, no. The colours are those of the Edmonton Eskimos. He's apparently a big fan.

Till Next time!

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  1. I like the small glass plates with the skewed squares - very funky!