Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The latest batch of scarves!

Detail from a fuschia scarf.

So the living room is a complete disaster and we had fun printing up a storm. I made some new stamps with bicycles, Eiffel Towers and little Japanese girls and I admit I went a little crazy. So here are the latest scarfs. If you are interested in a particular one, please indicate the photo number and describe the one you are interested in. We even have a few unprinted scarves left over in case you'd like to order something special!


Photo A
Left to right: Coffee cups, Coffee cups, Islamic tree, Chintomani design.
The Islamic tree design is a design I have used for years- It comes from a detail on a wooden door in Egypt. The stylised Chintomani design is common among Ottoman art and architecture.

Photo B
Plain dark maroon scarf, scooters-coffee-camera on lilac, and two different hand dyed twisted scarves in grey and brown. We also have plain black scarves. All with the evil eye sewn into the corner.

Photo C
Butterflies-flowers on lilac, peace with the Istanbul tile, Istanbul tile and chintomani.

Photo D
Pink octopus, cameras-coffee, Istanbul tile, and Turkish tea cups on fuschia.

Photo E
Eiffel tower-camera-bicycle and coffee, Large Turkish tulip, Camera-Japanese girl, bicycle and Japanese peace, Fuschia henna.

Photo F
Butterfly-Japanese girl- peace, pink peace, butterfly-Japanese girl- peace and flower, butterfly and flower.

Photo G
Art nouveau feather, brown tear drop, lilac tear drop, green Istanbul tile.

Photo H
Maroon seventies bike, brick seventies bike, brown hand of Fatima, green scooters.

Photo I
Coffee and Eiffel Tower, hand of Fatima, funky bud, two toned flowers and Eiffel Tower, match box bike and coffee.

Photo J
Holy brightness! Bikes, Eiffel towers and Japanese girls.

Photo K
Hand of Fatima, tribal design, art nouveau feather, Islamic tree.

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