Sunday, May 24, 2009

Exhibit at the Family Pizza Pie Place, May 23-24

Ahhh! It's over! Big sigh of relief. 

A special thanks to Tarih and Virginia for allowing us to take over the walls of the Family Pizza Pie Place in Sultanahmet!

Four hooks, people, four hooks!

Friday was hanging day. Armed with some strong durable fishing line, I surveyed the walls of the FPPP to see how we could hang 21 pieces of art work of of eight collective hooks and nails. We also couldn't remove the carpet (firmly nailed up) from one of the walls.  It took me a few hours, acrobatics over the chairs of the restaurant and a lot of web weaving, but after a few hours it was all hanging in place, much to the amusement of Tarih, who watched my elaborate plan unfold as he whipped up pizza for the hungry customers.

The morning of the show, before the visitors arrived.

And soon the guests arrived. The first day, many friends popped by, some ladies from the Canadian Consulate in Istanbul, a group of American ladies on holiday from their consulate job in Jordan, a children's book editor living on the Asian side. We polished off the day with a few beers with Virginia and Boris and toddled home in preparation for the next day. 

There it is, paintings, prints, and ladies eating pizza! The dream has been realized!

Sunday was a lot busier, and we sold quite a few pieces - mostly prints. At one point the joint was packed- mostly with familiar faces stuffing themselves with pizza, leaving with a print tucked under their arm. 

From left to right: Guy, me, Virginia, Boris and Rene, at the end of the first day.

Day 2 wound down with a group of ladies drinking tea and chatting - women we've been lucky enough to call friends over here in Istanbul. Thanks to all of you for coming out- Rene and I really appreciated the support! 

Virginia telling a riveting story to Helena, Reena and Rene.

The show will be up till Wednesday In case any of you missed it but would still like to see it. In the aftermath, Rene and I found it quite strange that we pretty much sold one of everything. It must mean we had something for everybody. The art was well received and we have our wheels turning for the next idea/gig. 

Virginia working the crowd during a particularly busy time!

Part of June and July will find us working again for a brief stint in the Emirates, if all goes to plan. We will be packing sketch books and ideas, and so I will hopefully have some more exciting pieces to offer from the desert. 

Thanks again! 


  1. A great example of how to gussy up for a special occasion through the aid of a few hooks and a bit of creative underwiring.

  2. Way to go! Great problem solving with fishing line, and nice pictures of the event, too.