Friday, May 22, 2009

The Day Has Arrived!

The preparations are done, the show is hung! 
Time to wash the paint and ink off our hands and get pretty!

This is where all my guache paintings begin! On this little white piece of plastic. I have a bigger one, but working off this one is comfortable for me.

Well it's the morning of our show, and my arms are so sore from hauling all the pieces down to the Family Pizza Pie Place. I spent most of the day with Tarih, co-owner of the Pizza Pie Place and his Romanian assistant, Elena trying to figure out how to hang the show without having to drill more holes into the concrete walls. we were going to have to put two by four planks up and hang the pieces off of those but it would have looked terrible. I managed to spin a spider's web of fishing line across everything and hang from that. Quite a feat in itself and it took me hours, but I think I have done my father (the king of figuring out stuff like this) proud. 

Sheherazade's Plate, name inspired by our creative friend Boris. 

After we finished hanging everything last night, Elena gave us a little Romanian "cherry vodka." I slept very well last night! Whew that stuff is strong! But a nice cap to a long day.

We do our mother proud.

Our flat is a mess. A complete and total disaster, which Rene proudly announced one day was really on the bring of catastrophe. Rene tends to enjoy working under the wire, I not so much. But at this point it's all done and Rene has come up with some really creative ideas in the past forty-eight hours! 

Still working two days before the show! Sheherazade's plate has been haunting us for weeks- what to do with her? We both weren't happy with the first ideas, but Rene came up with an idea that excited us both. She works well under pressure, even if it makes me gain a few more grey hairs.

Sheherazade gets dressed! 

Time to get clean, put on a dress and go down to the show. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I came down to your show today! We are sooo happy with the print we bought. Thank you for your kindness, you and you sister were both a joy to meet, and you sister was very helpful. thanks again! See you next time we come to Turkey!
    Jan and Cecilia