Friday, January 6, 2012

The Last of the Turkish Prints!

The Hamam Ladies

Only Five prints left for Sale
at Java Cafe, Sultanahmet, Istanbul!
(And that is it for the 2009 Turkish Series!)

My sister and I and a few of our terrific friends at our first show in Istanbul!

I had a really good summer.

After I collected my paintings and prints from the Wanderlust! Exhibition The Penticton Art Gallery, I took inventory of which paintings I had left. Strangely enough, I sold the rest of the Turkish series between the two shows I had this summer, but I still have a few of the Okanagan pieces. An employee of the gallery remarked, "Maybe we are too close to the Okanagan stuff. The Turkish series is far off and exotic, and beautiful. I'm not surprised you've been cleaned out."

So it's great that the Turkish paintings are all gone, though I admit sometimes I feel a little sad when I think I won't see a painting again. I know it's the business and I'm happy to part with work for two reasons: It makes someone else happy to have it and I am inspired to paint more.

But the Istanbul series was painted at a really spectacular time of my life where I was surrounded by wonderful friends in a wonderful, inspiring city- a bit of a golden age for me, where I got back into art full time and did some hard thinking about what was really important to me and where I wanted to be headed in the future. Ironic that I'm hoping my future will lead me back to this fabulous city that has lost a few of the golden friends over this hiatus, but still contains some people I miss greatly. I'm really hoping that the stars align and I am able to return- there is still so much left for me to paint!

Anyway, on that note, I have just received word that there are still a few Turkish prints in Istanbul for sale through Java Cafe at 55 TL each. If you are in the area or are going to the area, or knows anyone in the area, there are three prints left: Click the blog link under each picture to take you to the links where you will find more info about each piece.

Contact Virginia Lowe @
Java Cafe in Sultanahmet
Peykane Caddesi, Su Terazisi Sok 9A.
Sultanahmet, Istanbul

(Again, sorry for the over watermarking, but if you'd read my piracy blog you'll know why!
Still working on a solution for that one!)

The Bosporus Ferry

The Sultanahmet Bird Feeders

The Umbrella Ladies

The Fish Mongers of Kadikoy
xx Melanie


  1. Your artwork is so full of joy it just spills out and makes me smile. I came across your website a while ago and I like to check back every now and then to see what you've been up to. These last four are so amazing. Love the umbrella ladies and feeding the birds but they are all just wonderful. Thank you for sharing! We can look past the watermarks...people understand that.

  2. Thanks so much, Sandy! I'm hoping i can find a little wiggle room to do some more painting between university assignments. I miss painting so much! It brings me great joy to paint, and it's great to hear it comes through the painting to you too! xx