Monday, August 8, 2011

Gastown Yarn Bomb Spotted!

I'd like to thank the yarn bomber who conveniently installed this Canuck-inspired yarn bomb outside my work last week. Monday morning, I get to see if it's still there!

Sadly, I missed a great opportunity to photographed quite a large yarnbomb installation happening across the water from the bike path I take to work. I suppose because it was so large it was easily spotted. I'll provide the link to someone else who blogged about it begrudgingly (when I find it again I'll update this blog), because I would have like to have photographed it myself! (Update:Weird Vancouver sculpture yarn bomb HERE!)

I also took a photo of a yarnbomb installation in Seattle, though I'm pretty sure the city gave their okay for that one.
Here's to yarnbomb hunting!

Previous blog on the history of yarn bombing Here!
Cool Vancouver sculpture Yarn bomb Here!


  1. Those are kind of cool. I've not see this sort of happening in my area. Is this a Canadian thing? If I hadn't seen the pictures I'd have thought the whole thing was one big yarn!

  2. Ha ha! Not a Canadian thing, Nemo! It's world wide, but perhaps more popular in certain places than others. The first installation I'd ever seen was Istanbul. But I think the only renegade ones have been in Vancouver so far. ; )

  3. Never saw this before, so cute!!! like taking care of mother nature in the cold! hahaha... =)

  4. Melanie,

    Great to meet you today,love your blog and paintings.