Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Art Exhibit at Cafe NeverMatters now Open!

For the month of July, My paintings from the Okanagan and Turkey will be hanging in Cafe Nevermatters Cafe and Bistro at 340 Robinson Road Naramata.
Stop in for a coffee or a glass of wine and tell Angelo I said Hi!
(And while you are at it, check out the nicely decorated walls and bathrooms!)

Prints of "A Day at Elephant Island Winery" are also available through the Elephant Island Orchard Wines Tasting Room and Gift Shop.

A big thanks to MyNaramata for writing a small write up about my show at Cafe never Matters and how it related to Elephant Island as well. The article is below, but if you'd like to read the article at its original source, please click here.

Thanks again, Craig!

1st July 2011
Café Art Show
Angelo Albano of Café Nevermatters helps artist Melanie Mehrer hang one of her series from Naramata life.

Melanie’s art will fill the café for the month of July. She’ll have many of her funky and whimsical pieces of local life and lore on the walls, as well as some of her work depicting life in Turkey, where she lived in 2009.

Angelo and Melanie are holding a recently finished piece title ‘A Day at Elephant Island.’
Melanie says she is inspired by the way the local winery supports many community and charitable programs and events. This acrylic ink drawing depicts Elephant Island’s crew in the process of making the winery's latest champagne, Pink Elephant.

Also, shown below is a piece featuring Angelo behind the café counter. Angelo says he loves featuring an eclectic mix of local artists on the walls of Cafe Nevermatters.

Here are the previous articles on the work of Naramata’s Melanie Mehrer:


  1. Looking good! I'm sure the people of Naramata will have a blast over the next month looking at this show!

  2. I wish I could easily pop in.

  3. Hi Melanie, someone from sublime portal in Istanbul suggested I contact you, saying you used to be missmao. (Is that right?) A couple of years ago you posted a great picture on the website of Aya Sofia with a couple of workmen on top of it. Sadly the picture is gone now. Any chance I could get a copy of it?
    I'm having trouble publishing comments on your blog (this is my second try) so will include my email rather than signing up - it's kjapanton@hotmail.com
    kathy (maenad in Istanbul)