Monday, May 23, 2011

The Raft at Manitou Beach

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Raft at Manitou, ink on watercolour paper, 11X14", May 2011

Announcing My Solo Show
for the month of July at

Cafe NeverMatters Coffee and Bistro,
340 Robinson Road, Naramata BC!
(778) 514-0054

Stay tuned for more details!

Mallards! A staple of Okanagan Lake.
As a kid growing up in Naramata I lived for the summers, as we all did. I remember my parents scolding me for not taking my swimsuit of once I got home from the beach- But what was the point? I'd most likely head back down to the beach for a swim after dinner anyway.

The high dive at Manitou beach is long gone but our little yellow raft still holds court the same as it did when I was a child, and I still remember the pride I felt when my parents and swim teacher deemed me a good enough swimmer to swim out to the yellow raft without adult supervision.

(The first place I ever skinny dipped was behind the yellow raft, at night with my sister and friend Tiffany, our swimsuits carefully hidden on the beam under the raft in case any dreaded boys showed up and wanted to steal our treasured clothes! But you won't get a painting of that, I'm afraid!)

Diving for freshwater clams, maybe?

So to those who at one time or another dove off the little yellow raft at Manitou, this painting's for you! It will make it's debut at Cafe NeverMatters, Downtown Naramata, in July.



  1. This is so Okanagan! I love the way you handled Giant's Head Mountain and the water. Lots of memories in this little painting!!

  2. Giant's Head is a pretty special mountain! Thanks Nae!

  3. Great painting, Mel .

  4. I love the water. Can't help thinking must be pretty cold though, diving into the water up there in the northern wastes. Where's the skinny kid, refusing to undress but still wrapped up in a warm and fluffy beach towel?

  5. Hey! You can swim two whole months a year in that lake! I didn't have the room to paint you in, Peter! Next time! : )

  6. Dear Melanie, I saw your paintings yesterday in Java Studio Cafe in Sultanahmet. I am a jewelry artist and participated in the show in the cafe this Sunday. I looked your name up in google because I really liked the Istanbul paintings. I was hoping to buy one of them if I can sell some jewelry but it was a quiet day with no sales at all! Anyways, if you were to come to Istanbul again I would love to meet you. Here is my web, my work and contact details:
    Best wishes,