Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm on the Verge: Verge Travel Writing Contest Shortlist!

I'm on the shortlist for Verge's travel Writing Contest!

Chinese bicycles, Beijing.

From my email this morning:

"This is a note to let you know that your article Shanghai Rides was selected for the shortlist in our writing contest. Congratulations! We received hundreds of submissions, and the competition was quite stiff, so this is quite an achievement."

Last June I entered a Two-Minute Travel Tales contest sponsored by Verge Magazine. I was allowed to enter three stories and luckily one of them, my story about my experiences riding a bicycle in Shanghai was chosen for the shortlist! I just got the news today!

DongTai Lu Bicycle and Bell, Shanghai.

However, I need your vote to win the grand prize of a thousand dollars. Sadly, with this kind of contest it's the person with the most reach that wins and not necessarily the best piece of writing. However, I'd still like to win it, and congratulations to the other short-listers for also reaching this stage of the game.

Here are a few photos and a very raw-footage video at the very end I found in my Mainland China Collection. Sadly, my hard drive crashed when I left China and I lost thousands of photos. But at least I have these ones!

Moving Shanghai Style!

This is Three-death Bicycle, when the ball bearings fell out of the front wheel.

Bicycle Fix it Guy.
I bet he's sitting out of the road right now, waiting for bikes as I write this an ocean away.

A typical sight of parked bikes in Shanghai. Seriously.

Bikes and Buddhas!

I just snapped this one off my hip as the man went riding by.

This photo was taken across the street from the school I worked at.
Even rain doesn't stop cyclists in Shanghai.

Cardboard collection recycling bike.

I've peddled in rain like this. Where the bottom foot is submerged in rain. It's not a particularly good idea to ride holding an umbrella in that much rain, but the Shanghai ladies fair well. I almost ended up in the drink when I tried it!

Typical Shanghai Intersection on a less busy road. Boy do I miss Shanghai now!

Thanks and wish me luck!


  1. these photos really makes me miss shanghai!! gem xx

  2. I miss it too, Gem! I have a good friend living in Hangzhou now. I'm dying to visit! ; )

  3. Loved your short story, Melanie. Katharine thinks you are brave to have ridden your bike on those roads :)! Laurie, James, Katharine and Reagan

  4. Thanks Laurie! That Katharine, she's such a cutie! I have no doubt that she'll be biking the roads of the world someday. ; )

  5. I had no idea Shanghai was such a big bicycle culture (mostly because I've never been there), these were some great pictures!


  6. Thanks, Jason! It makes me want to go back! ; )