Sunday, November 21, 2010

THe Ice Wine Harvest Mentioned in MyNaramata!

Is Ice wine season already here? It appears so!

"The Ice Wine Harvesters", 2010

Thanks to Craig Henderson and My Naramata for using my painting "The Ice Wine Harvesters" to illustrate the latest MyNaramata article on Ice wine.

The ice wine harvest is a fairly new cultural aspect to life in the Okanagan, as the boom in the Okanagan wine industry brings new chores. The grapes must be picked the first time they are naturally frozen by falling outside temperatures, and they must be processed while still frozen in order to squeeze out the waterless golden nectar which is ice wine. I tried some at Inniskilin this summer (at the long-distance urging of my fantastic friend John Atwell) And all I can say is that I am happy it's so expensive otherwise I may have a problem! It's that good!

The original of the "The IceWine Harvesters" and some prints (from Naramata and Istanbul) will be available at my booth in the Naramata Artisan Faire held in the Heritage Inn on December 5th. (Rumour has it I'll be down stairs somewhere across from the winebar. Woo Hoo!) I'll have some other works of mine and a special hand pulled print of the old Naramata Train Docks created by my sister Rene as well!

Rene's nostalgic print, "The TrainDocks", November, 2010.

See you at the Heritage Inn, December 5th!

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