Friday, October 22, 2010

Yarn bomb spotted!

Yarn bomb at UBC!

I spotted my first yarn bomb out in the wild! and in my humble opinion, it's a worthy one. I wonder how long it took this particular yarn bomber to lace this piece on this lamp post at the University of British Columbia?

Yarn-bombing book Authors Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain have been busy spreading the word with a yarn-bombing blitzkrieg of lectures as of late (I couldn't get into any of them- all sold out!) So I wondered if I would start to see yarn-bombs in the wild.

Just what this lamp post needed on a cool fall day in Vancouver!



  1. The things I learn from you and your sister! I'd never heard of yarn bombs but will keep a lookout for them from now on.

  2. Kate- did you see the one in the Inner Harbour in the last post on yarn Bombing? I think Victoria would be filled with them! Keep me posted!

  3. ? No - which one was in Victoria?

  4. Oops! I forgot- it made it into my Textile journal but not my blog. My apologies! So here are two links to yarn bombing in Victoria: ,